South girls draw with North.Patriots keep The Ball

15 September — The women’s football teams of Terre Haute North and Terre Haute South played a 1-1 draw in the South on Wednesday. tie. .

Where you started parting your hair is how participants felt about an even finish when they left the field.

North retains The Ball Trophy for the 10th straight year, with the holder retaining the trophy in a tie, but it’s the first time since 2012 that the Patriots beat the Braves without winning the trophy.

Including a section match that didn’t count on the ball, North won 14 straight games against the Braves. Wednesday’s draw ended that streak.

North goalkeeper Cara said: “I’m a little disappointed. I’m a senior and I wanted to win for four years. , and that showed in their play.” McKinney said.

in the meantime? South were happy to regain their footing in the intra-city series…even if they didn’t get the reward they wanted for their efforts.

“This is the best game we’ve played all year. We did exactly what we practiced. This is a young team that came out and fought against the old team,” said Coach South. Courtney Hubbard said.

A first-half goal by North’s Lily Holder and a second-half equalizer by South freshman Breena Ireland brought the score. Before the goal, McKinney saved a penalty by South’s Mallory Rich.

Any more? North had a 12-6 lead in shots, but had few on-goals. He had a 7-2 lead even though North kicked him in the corner. But the South also had about the same number of possessions.

The Braves pressed in midfield and on the wing to get the ball. The South’s most fruitful chances came from wings Alila Connelly and Margo Mallory.

“Given the series’ recent results, I think this surprised people, but I don’t think it surprised us,” said North director Kyle Baker.

“The players they added? They are athletic, they play very direct, they run at you all night. They play Route 1 all night in your face. It works,” Baker continued.

It was Mallory who gave the South (3-4-3, 1-2-2) the first chance 10 minutes into the match. Trying to find space in her penalty box, she knocked down a defender and stumbled inside the 18-yard box for a penalty.

Rich was penalized, but McKinney was ready.

“You have to follow your instinct. You see the players lined up, you see them at their feet and you just go. You can’t think, you go. You see the ball, you get the ball, that’s what I do.” That’s what I did,'” McKinney said.

Six minutes after the penalty save, the Patriots got on the board. Holder, North’s most productive player on the right wing, sent the ball into the box 18 yards from the right side. Intended as a cross, it floated towards the goal. South goalkeeper Josiah Killinger strayed off the line and a holder’s boot fell into the net, looking like a leaf falling from a tree, making it 1-0.

“It was definitely a cross. Sometimes I hit it, but it flew at an unsteady angle. I was lucky, but it was really nice to score in the North-South match. I hadn’t done it before. I never did,” said Holder.

The North maintained their lead, creating several chances along the way and absorbing the South’s attack. However, the dam collapsed with 10 minutes and 16 seconds remaining. Rich scored a mid-pitch penalty he won the ball just outside the box and passed it to Ireland on the right side. Ireland had a shot to the left of the net and her shot passed McKinney to tie the game.

“The minute I saw the backside of the ripple in the net, it felt great to tie it for us,” Ireland said. We proved them wrong.”

North (6-1-3, 2-1-1) made the best chance out of it. With 2:22 remaining, Kari Westefeld landed a nice flick on Alice Thompson, who was one-on-one with Killinger, but the Southkeeper stood her ground and saved the shot.

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